Get to Know North Freeze Dry

We’re new to the Little Falls, Minnesota community and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about who we are and what we do, so we thought we’d share some that are most frequently asked.

What does North Freeze Dry do?

We are a co-manufacturing facility that manufactures and packages freeze-dried pet food and treats for some of today’s leading pet food brands.

What is a co-manufacturing facility?

A co-manufacturing facility focuses on manufacturing products for other marketed brands utilizing their specific recipes, product specifications and branded packaging.

What are freeze-dried pet food and treats?

Freeze-dried pet food and treats are a blend of raw ingredients, mainly meat, that has been pasteurized, rapidly frozen and dried in a manner to retain its valuable nutrients creating a shelf-stable, highly palatable product.

Who are your customers?

North Freeze Dry’s customers are some of the leading pet food brands across the world that you see on store shelves today, and probably feed to your dog or cat!

What skill set does someone need to get a job at North Freeze Dry?

We are looking for hard workers who have a positive attitude and are motivated by a fast-paced, exciting environment in a quickly growing industry. Manufacturing experience is not required!

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