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Freeze Dry Facts

At North Freeze Dry, we specialize in making freeze-dried pet food and treats. But perhaps you’re only somewhat familiar with what that is—or maybe you’ve never heard of it at all. If that’s the case, let us enlighten you!

Freeze-dried pet food is loaded with nutrients.

Because freeze-dried pet food is gently processed, it preserves up to 98% of the nutrients from the fresh ingredients, leading to shinier coats, better digestion and happy, wagging tails.

Dogs and cats love freeze-dried food.

Freeze-dried food is extra tasty to pets because it typically lacks artificial ingredients and fillers, the nutrients are preserved through the freeze-drying process, and it does not adversely affect the taste or texture.

Freeze-dried pet food is made with high-quality ingredients.

Ingredients for each brand’s unique recipe are carefully selected based on their nutritional value and include high-quality meat, fruits and vegetables, and vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.

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