Meet the Companies Behind North Freeze Dry

North Freeze Dry is a joint venture between Anchor Ingredients Co., LLC, a leading supplier of premium ingredients and value-added processing for the food and pet food industries, and Barrett Petfood Innovations, a rapidly expanding co-manufacturer of premium pet foods. Together, Anchor Ingredients and Barrett Petfood Innovations are bringing their common vision of premium ingredients, unparalleled customer service and exceptional quality control and food safety standards to the North Freeze Dry brand. 

Anchor Ingredients 

Anchor Ingredients was founded in 2015 as a premium ingredient company supplying the food and pet food markets domestically and abroad. The company is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota with seven value-add processing plants across the upper Midwest, and sales offices in Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Learn more about Anchor Ingredients.

Barrett Petfood Innovations

Family-owned Barrett Petfood Innovations is a US-based co-manufacturer that ships globally and sources locally. The company produces more than 150 formulas of animal food for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, livestock and zoo animals. In the dog and cat food category, Barrett mainly produces super-premium extruded products, such as those with high fresh meat inclusions, as well as premium treats. Learn more about Barrett Petfood Innovations.

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